New-Line Racing "Front Outlet" Big S1 Series Radiator 17x12x2

125 Shifter Kart - New-Line Racing Big S1 Series Radiator 17x12x2
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  • Item #: S1-Big

Radiator with aluminum mount and cap. Select polished from the drop down adds $40.

The S1 BIG is identical to the New-Line’s top of the line model (the BIG) except for the water hose, which connects facing front.

This feature is engineered specifically for the Honda S1 powered classes of the American. With a front end attachment (instead of the standard rear-end solution) the water hose creates a more direct and linear connection between engine and radiator, enhancing radiator performance and making things easier for mechanics.

The USA teams who tried it have expressed enthusiasm for both its functional and easy management and for the efficiency it yields.

Material: triple aluminum alloy
Measurements: width 29 cm, height 43 cm, depth 4 cm
Comparison: the BIG is the "big brother" evolution of the RS: same design and functional process, but extra-large and ultra-efficient – ideal for the hottest of tracks.

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Price $724.95

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