CKR 206 Designed Kart Chassis

CKR LO206 Designed Kart Chassis
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  • Item #: CKR-LO206

Quality 4-Stroke designed chassis, the All New CKR provides the perfect platform many Briggs racers have been looking for! The 206 designed chassis has a very balanced frame between flex and stiffness. Developed for Briggs categories, it is very smooth and precise for entering corners without unbalancing the grip of the rear-brake. Quality 30mm tubing provides longevity of chassis life and the 50mm axle adds uncompromising performance. Third bearing delete allows chassis tubing to rotate efficiently and adjusted mounting of seat upright creates clearance of engine clutch and chain guard.

  • 20/CH/17
  • 30mm Tubes
  • VEN 09 Iron Braking System
  • 50mm Axle - Medium
  • 8.5lt KF Fuel Tank
  • 130 / 212 DWT Magnesium Wheels
  • Resin IMAF Standard Seat
  • Magnesium Offset Mount
  • Sniper Camber/Castor adjustment Standard


Briggs & Stratton Animal 206 Engine Package from eShifter Kart includes everything you need to bolt on your new CKR 206 kart and Go!

  • Blue Fuel line 4ft
  • Inline Briggs Fuel filter
  • OEM Angled air filter
  • Stinger clutch - 16T #35 chain driver w/bolt and key
  • Pulse Line Fitting
  • JTP Chain Guard (Blue)
  • RLV Briggs Animal Spec Pipe and Mounts 5507
  • RLV B91 Spec Exhaust Silencer and Mounts
  • Longacre Header Exhaust Wrap
  • #35 Xtreme Performance Chain
  • #35 Split Aluminum Sprocket - Select Tooth
  • Throttle Cable, Clamp and Housing
  • JTP Catch Can (Blue)

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