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Briggs & Stratton Animal LO206 Engine Package
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  • Item #: BS-1001-JTP

Briggs & Stratton Animal LO206 Engine Package from eShifter Kart includes everything you need to bolt on your kart and Go! Buy the kit and save! JTP Upgrades include:

Briggs & Stratton Animal 206 6100RPM
Briggs Animal 206 Spec Spark Plug
Carburetor Assembly 555658
Briggs Animal 206 Carb Locking Clamp
Briggs 206 Spec Fuel Pump
Fuel line - 4ft
Inline Briggs Fuel filter
OEM Angled air filter
Stinger Clutch - 16T #35
Briggs Animal Clutch Bolt Kit
JTP Motor Mount and Clamps
JTP Pulse Line Fitting and Oil Plug Set
JTP Chain Guard
JTP Catch Can
JTP Oil Plug Tool
Briggs Animal Chain Guard Installation Hardware
RLV Briggs Animal Spec Pipe and Mounts 5507
RLV B91 Spec Exhaust Silencer and Mounts
Stainless Clamp for B91 Silencer
Briggs Copper Exhaust Gasket
Braided Header Wrap Sleeve 7/8" x 10' Roll
#35 Xtreme Performance Chain
#35 Split Aluminum Sprocket
Throttle Cable, Clamp and Housing
AMSOil Briggs 4T Oil QT
Drilled Header Bolt Kit w/ Safety Wire
Briggs Animal Breather Vent Tube
Briggs Animal Engine Breather Elbow Fitting

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